Belgacom – Who took my badjas/bathrobe?

Agency name: WL BBDO
Client name: Belgacom
Category: Brand-building


Belgacom TV had been quite successful in the past in attracting new customers thanks to its strong sports offer (holding the rights of Belgium’s first division football competition). Belgacom saw a similar sales potential in increasing the awareness of its paid movie offer.

Up until then, the awareness of this service was not at all at the same level. Belgacom believed that in increasing the awareness of this service, new customers might be won much more easily. Belgacom therefore asked us to develop a campaign that would install the idea “Belgacom TV = movies” in the best possible way.

Belgacom TV has been involved in a fierce competition with Telenet’s digital TV offer for many years now. And where Telenet only has to convert its clients from an analogue TV offer to a digital TV offer, Belgacom TV is much more about selling a completely new product.