Avec Professional: IQ hair product rebrand

Agency: Good
Client: Avec Corporation
Category: Packaging, Branded - Other

The Avec Corporation manufactures and produces a wide variety of products to the professional hairdressing market. Distributed globally, the range includes electrical goods and various hair care products as well as their premium range, Avec Professional. This range was eight years old in 2010 and suffering from a tired image and increasingly sophisticated competition from the 'big boys' of the sector.

We believe our rebrand of the Avec Professional range demonstrates the impact that can be generated via good design even when operating within a tight budget. It proves the value of relevant thinking coupled with simple design principles to create impact and sales. It also benchmarks that design - when well executed - is an investment and not a cost, allowing small brands to punch way above their weight against companies with much larger marketing spends. Not only that, it proves how language-neutral, simple design can increase sales in existing foreign territories and help to open up new markets.