UPS: MyChoice


Entry Information

Category: Business and Consumer Services
Country where program ran: USA
Dates program started/ended: October 2011 – December 2011

Product Description:

UPS My Choice

Advertiser/Client Name: UPS
Media Channels: TV/Video/Radio, Web Development, Other


Marketplace challenge:

UPS had created a breakthrough service that had the power to transform the package delivery experience. It was a service called UPS My Choice that used a proprietary UPS technology to allow consumers to control when and where their packages were delivered to their homes. For the first time, a person could tell a package when to arrive at their home. They could reschedule the delivery around their lives. No more wasted hours waiting for packages. Instead of missed delivery slips on their doors, UPS My Choice would ensure people got their packages on the first delivery attempt. On top of all this, if enough people signed up for it, it would reduce operational costs for UPS by decreasing unnecessary fuel consumption caused by missed delivery attempts. This would also make UPS a more sustainable company.