Piaggio Vehicles: Once upon a Vespa

OgilvyOne Worldwide Mumbai

Entry Information

Country where program ran: India
Program start date: 04/20/12
Program end date: 05/20/12
Advertiser/Client Name: Piaggio
Product/Service Description: A legend, the longest-standing fashion icon, the embodiment of fashion unchanged: The Vespa. Born in 1946, this utilitarian scooter became a style statement in itself and was able to influence fashion for decades. It imposed the stile italiano: from necessity to style, the recipe for the good life.
Category: Automotive (AU)


Business problem

The 2 wheeler industry grew at the rate of 8.27%* in India in 2012. The growth of scooters was faster than the growth of mopeds and motorcycles i.e. 24.55%* during March – April. (Source: Siam) Piaggio hopped on this opportunity and announced the entry of its international scooter, The Vespa, into the already cluttered Indian scooter market which is dominated by mass scooter brands like Honda Activa and Mahindra. Marketing Task: To successfully launch the international Vespa in the Indian scooter market at a premium 40 % more than mass scooter brands in the market.