The Big Idea - Schick Stainless Steel Blades: 15 Barbers


For our performance today we have two stand-ins; Bern Klepper, substitute for Jake Boyd, Creative Director, and Reg Pierce, will play the part of Ed Baltz, Account Supervisor. Jake and Ed were unable to attend the shooting session.

I'd like you to come with me to the most creative barber shop in town. Meet Jake, the barber, Herm, the barber, and Ray, the barber.

Typical of guys who have always stood for fancy haircuts, hot towels and male pamperings of all kinds. But today they stand for something more, the best in shaving too, which is the subject of this story.

These characters, by the way, are not barbers at all, but Jake Boyd, Creative Director of Compton Advertising; Herm Davis, Art Vice President at Compton and Ray Bimonte, Copy Group Head at Compton who lived together, worked together, ate together, enjoyed life together --even masqueraded as barbers together to accomplish a mission overnight.