Belgacom - L'internet est à moi

Agency name: VVL-, Proximity-, & Navajo / BBDO
Client name: Belgacom
Category: Integrated communication



To generate brand activation based around the ATL campaign "The Internet Belongs to Everybody".

To generate an element of surprise and to adopt a less traditional advertising method and thus promote Belgacom as a dynamic and "internet-savvy" brand. To trigger viral advertising.

To make people notice and talk about the brand (word of mouth) in a market saturated with extremely competitive advertising messages.


The market was inundated with numerous offers from the competition: Telenet, VOO, Mobistar, Télé2, etc.

Telenet had been been particularly aggressive with recurrent campaigns that always reiterated the same message: the speed (and an attractive price). Telenet had invested much more in the Internet (e.g.: September 2008: 300% ‘internet product category’ investment compared to Belgacom), which is why Telenet was perceived as the most « internet-savvy » brand of the Internet providers.