New generation brands: How to use consumer voices to position our brands

Natalia Gitelman
DatosClaros, Argentina
María Luz Moreno,Federico Barallobre
PepsiCo, Argentina


The paper describes the case of the cookie brand Toddy1) (which managed to transform a problem (product scarcity/complex production context) into an opportunity to position the brand and to develop a deep connection with its target. The marketing team took advantage of the digital media as a strategic tool to listen to Latin American teenagers, find out more about them and take action based upon this recollection of insights.

To overcome myths associated with the absence of Latin American brands capable of innovating by listening to their consumers via online media and converting insights into specific actions to stimulate growth and construct the brand's DNA, we are going to go through the process of the Toddy cookie brand, which managed to become successful in a very short period of time by leveraging its connection with its target (teens) using the online media and creating a DNA that represents the target fully. Based on this success, the brand now faces the challenge of continuous innovation.