Mercedes-Benz Passenger Cars: Tramp a Benz

Agency: Jung Von Matt AG
Client:Daimler AG
Product:Mercedes-Benz Passenger Cars


Goal 1) Spark excitement amongst the open-minded young and raise the number of fans on facebook to over 2 million.

Goal 2) Raise the awareness of the brand's claim "the best or nothing", from 0% to over 10% in 2010.

Goal 3) Create an exceptional user experience and lively dialogue amongst our young and digitally aware target group.


Mercedes-Benz customer base

Since 1886 Mercedes-Benz followed the maxim: "the best or nothing." With these words, Mercedes-Benz became one of the most established luxury automotive brands in the world; well known for its expertise in building safe, visionary, and reliable passenger cars as it is perceived by its loyal customer base, the "Upper Conservative Segment," aged 60 and over.