United Nations Agencies: A new approach to an age old problem: Ending Child Marriage in Indonesia, Sierra Leone, Guinea and Nicaragua

Flamingo, United Nations Agencies and an NGO coalition

Flamingo have been working with a coalition of United Nations Agencies, Government ministries and grassroots organizations in 4 countries to understand the social cultural drivers of child marriage, in order to design strategies to disrupt it.

Our research focused on Sierra Leone, Guinea, Indonesia and Nicaragua. Although these countries represent very different socio-political contexts, all have struggled to accelerate the decline of Child Marriage and other systemic forms of oppression of women and girls.

Whilst there has been extensive academic research into child marriage, this has not always translated into meaningful change for girls on the ground. In particular, articulations of the problem have struggled to draw the link between cultural discourse, social norms and individual behaviours. Our approach uniquely looked for socio-cultural drivers in order to provide culturally-rooted solutions to improve girls' lives.

Understanding cultural meanings of marriage and childhood