Twitter: 140 Characters in Search of an Author: Defining success on Twitter

Flamingo and Twitter

The challenge

In many ways, tweets are one of the pieces of cultural 'data' most suited to close-level, qualitative and cultural analysis. Their micro scale means that the smallest of nuances can shift the tone and impact of a tweet, and the cultural importance of the platform means that the potential for close-in analysis is huge. But the sheer volume of tweets means that we often resort to blunter analytical tools to gain insight; and the challenge this presents is the subtle nuances, double entendres, satire, comedy, and symbols that are very difficult to pick up by processing millions of tweets.

We sit on a wealth of data. Every tweet has 140 pieces of information attached to it, beyond the text itself. Yet Twitter have found that diagnosing good and bad content using quantitative data analysis hasn't ever captured the essence of the platform. The reality is that the detail and cultural understanding which can be achieved through qualitative techniques is invaluable here. So Flamingo Semiotics and Twitter partnered to combine targeted data insights with cultural analysis - and provide the ultimate handbook for how to write a good tweet.