What were marketers talking about at Cannes?

Julian Boulding

This year saw another big rise in the number of delegates to more than 12,000. The winners have been reported in other media so I want to concentrate on what marketers and advertising folk were talking about.

Two topics dominated many of the seminars, the first of which was crowdsourcing. The internet offers unlimited space and airtime. Everyone wants content to fill it. A lot of people who have some kind of a name in this area are declaring themselves 'open for business' and encouraging any number of would-be writers, artists and film-makers to submit ideas.

Actor/producer Jack Black and his agent ask friends and contacts for ideas, then his Electric Dynamite company writes 12 episodes in three weeks and shoots them all in a month. Yahoo! claims to read and evaluate all creative ideas it receives. Mofilm used to post marketing briefs on the web; now it posts creative briefs.