ALAC Influencers

Category: Social Marketing/Public Service
Agency: DraftFCB
Client: ALAC


Binge-drinking in New Zealand is a problem that people don’t want to face up to. It’s not just an accepted social norm, it’s a highly celebrated part of Kiwi culture, and for many, a rite of passage.

Changing the drinking habits of the nation was going to be a tough ask.

ALAC’s approach was to target the influencers – people around binge-drinkers who are most likely to intervene; yet lack the courage, knowledge and social permission to prevent binge-drinking getting out of hand.


The crux of the issue was that binge-drinking is accepted as a societal norm and the rewards of maintaining these drinking habits were often seen to outweigh the perceived potential negative consequences.

The challenge was immense – the campaign would be asking people to go against the very fabric of Kiwi cultural identity.