Spotlight On Research

Brian Gosschalk
Martin Dewhurst

Four years ago, an Admap article examined opinion formers' views of market research and warned the industry against resting on its laurels. This update looks at how the industry is viewed by opinion leaders in the new millennium, whether it is perceived to have moved on and the challenges it faces today.

Captains of Industry

Around two in five captains of industry hold a favourable overall impression of market research, with one in five looking upon the industry unfavourably a positive ratio of 2:1. However, it is a concern for the industry that this represents a shrinking of the gap between positive and negative opinion compared with five years ago (Exhibit 1). This finding is based on data from MORI's annual Captains of Industry survey, which involves face-to-face interviews with senior board directors (two-thirds of whom are chairmen, chief executives and managing directors) from Britain's top 500 companies.