Planning the future: Make it Barça

Dan O'Donoghue, Adrian Ruiz-Mediavilla and Declan O'Reilly

1. "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - Georges Santayana

"Where did our love go?" - The Supremes

Account planning was introduced into agencies by Stanley Pollitt and Stephen King.

Stephen added value to the client by offering strategic communication advice linked to business effects and explained the notion of the enduring brand, whereas Stanley introduced qualitative testing of (mainly) television advertising.

Stephen's approach was essentially trying to get clients to understand that brands were created through consistently communicating to a target group with a strong idea. Stanley's obsession was to focus on the creation of the idea and the use of consumer understanding of the idea to shape and improve. Stephen himself said one approach was focused on the 'front end' - Grand Strategists - and the other on the back end – Ad Tweakers.