Scouting: Eyes Wide Open

Jo Adams
Anniki Sommerville
Flamingo International Qualitative Research


There exists a range of techniques that enable us to stay ahead of the game in the world of leading edge research. We use recruiters who are themselves leading edge – in the hope that they will instinctively pick up individuals who are living the trends. We ourselves – ever hip – make a point of reading the magazines, frequenting the bars and clubs and painstakingly visiting the sites that offer us, we hope, a passport into at least the outer suburbs of the city of cool. However, we do find that it can be the case this is not quite enough. To be honest, we can find ourselves not accessing young people who are genuinely in the know and even more obviously, we are often not in the know enough ourselves.

To give an example, we might all too are often find ourselves confronted by a bunch of Ai white middle class kids – skaters and thrift store shoppers all – who whilst they in some way represent the cutting edge, crucially constitute only one small segment of it.