Generating Insights Through Social Media Using Research Robots



The internet and the rise of social media in particular, have allowed us to communicate our thoughts, feelings, desires, needs, and dreams openly with each other. However, this ever expanding mass of freely distributed consumer information presents a problem for market researchers: How do we tap into and harness this data to provide insights which lead to successful new products, brand messaging and advertising campaigns?

While current methodologies attempt to solve this dilemma, they are simply text-mining solutions that ‘count’ brand or product mentions in crude sentiment context. They are the best tools yet available for reputation monitoring but they fail to yield real insight in to consumers lifestyles, need-states and segment characteristics.

In order to generate potent insights that speak directly to consumers, a revolutionary tool has been developed for sifting through the infinite stream of user-generated content online. It collects bytes from thousands of conversations that are specific to particular category users, segments or archetypes. This methodology, which uses "research robots", should win the Best Research Innovation Award because it presents an entirely new approach to generating insights online; one that taps deeper into social media and the rich information it provides than any other current tool.