Understanding And Positioning The SPIDER-MAN Brand

Stephen Palmer
First Movies
David Kaminow
Columbia TriStar Marketing Group

SPIDER-MAN has been swinging through the streets of New York since August 1962. Yet 'your friendly neighbourhood SPIDER-MAN' might never have been before SPIDER-MAN was introduced to the World, heroes were grown up; they didn't go to school and deal with classes and crushes and especially not with running away from bullies. They solved problems - they didn't have them.

At the time that SPIDER-MAN was stuck on the reserve bench at Marvel, one of their comic book titles, AMAZING FANTASY, was folding and they were casting around for something to throw into their final issue. So, throwaway superhero meets throwaway comic book. The fifteenth and final edition of AMAZING FANTASY closed with the original story of Peter Parker, the boy bitten by a spider and gifted with superhero skills.