McCain: It's all good - a transformational idea for a company

Principal authors: Andrew Wright and David Bain, Beattie McGuinness Bungay
Contributing authors: Dan Hill, BMB; Simon Harwood, PHD; Chris Baker, Consult Bacon

The communications industry often purports to value ideas above all else but rarely endeavours to put an actual value on them.

This is a story about the value of an idea.

This idea fundamentally changed the fortunes of a business by changing not just its approach to communications but redefining its approach to everything it did.

The story begins in 2006. McCain products were haemorrhaging sales because as a company it was unjustly caught-up in a torrent of attacks on unhealthy and unnatural foods.

As a private company McCain had always kept their values rather to themselves. They now needed to start being very communicative very quickly.

"It's all good" launched as an advertising idea that let McCain give an honest and proud account of its brand. In the years that followed it became a transformative business idea that guided McCain to new prosperity as a company.