10 consumer spending trends

Robert Passikoff and Amy Shea

The 2010 Brand Keys Customer Loyalty Engagement Index measures the direction and velocity of consumer values 12 to 18 months ahead of the marketplace.

It has been uncannily accurate in predicting consumer spending behaviour attributes relating to 'brand' – and how they affect loyalty and spending. Now, in terms of consumer spending, the leverage of brand has reached its highest level of consequence since the 1960s.

Spending growth prospects for 2010 are dim until the credit markets improve. But whether a retail brand does something about it or not, the future is where it's going to spend the rest of its life. Those that take the easy route of price cuts may find a short-term solution, but not sustenance. The smart ones will respond and prosper.

We offer up ten spending trends that will have direct consequences to the success of this year's retail marketing efforts.