Samsung Mobile USA: The Next Big Thing is Already Here

Category: Electronics
Brand/Client: Samsung Mobile USA / Samsung Telecommunications America
Lead Agency: 72andSunny

State of the brand's business

In 2011, Samsung faced a problem with its brand.

It had a great, category-changing product in the Samsung Galaxy II mobile phone, but absolutely no recognition as an innovator. It was just one of the many Android smartphones duking it out over small marketshare points while the iPhone was seen as the one and only innovative leader. So we made a bold move. We decided to take on Apple and turn this category into a two-horse innovation race.

This wasn't about stealing Apple's most dedicated fans. It was pushing off of Apple to rally the Android nation behind Samsung. We also hoped to show smartphone intenders that there was an alternative that was not just different, but better. The timing was right, because the GSII was the best Android phone available, and stacked up feature for feature against any Apple product. It was a product born from an aggressive innovation cycle – the most aggressive in the industry. To top that, it was also released a full 9 months prior to the iPhone 4S, which turned out to be the first chink in Apple's perception as an innovator.