'Play Buy Share': How brands can adapt to Asia's digital consumers

Low Lai Chow

Brand loyalty is paper thin, declared Leo Burnett's Chief Digital Officer for Asia-Pacific Neil Hudspeth at the recent ad:tech Singapore.

It's not the brand; it's the consumer. More specifically, it's the consumer made restless thanks to digital technology. "It's a very creative, a very disruptive and a very transformative time for everybody. Which makes it equally competitive, equally challenging for all brand marketers to try to engage fully prospects and ongoing consumers," said Hudspeth.

Changing consumer behaviour

In Southeast Asia, particularly in the last two years, consumer behaviour has been changing rapidly, particularly among younger consumers. Hudspeth pointed to a few key changes:

  • If it's not relevant, they don't care. To be relevant to the target audience, brands can no longer stick to one-sided marketing. Instead, they have to tailor and facilitate conversations about what this group cares about. "Gen Y is probably the most challenging demographic to try to fully engage and [make] a loyal consumer of your brand. But if you can facilitate a particular experience around them, then it becomes much easier to become more relevant."