New opportunities for print vehicles. Results from the Italian media product survey on behalf of the technical committee of Audipress

Luisa Pogliana
Arnoldo Mondadori Editore, Italy


The research was carried out in two cycles (Autumn 1994 and Spring 1995). Overall, 39,412 representatives of the Italian adult population were interviewed and 163 titles were considered: forty-nine daily newspapers and three weekly supplements, thirty-seven weeklies and seventy-four monthlies.

The main methodological choices were the following:

  • to collect information on a wide range of products and services (290 markets, with relative products and brands), and for each one to supply important advertising information (frequency, point of purchase, time limits and place of consumption, etc.);
  • to gather information on buying habits through a questionnaire filled in by the interviewee;
  • to divide the readership questions over two interviews, at a week's distance: at the end of the first the buying habits questionnaire was left with instructions on how to complete it and at the end of the second the diary was collected by the interviewer.