Connected: Multi-screen consumer behaviour

Belinda Beeftink
Institute of Practitioners in Advertising

The Touchpoints 4 survey highlights how different age groups connect to the internet, through which devices and at what time of day.

The way we access the internet and what we use it for is evolving rapidly. The latest IPA TouchPoints 4 Survey's unique time diary data helps reveal how devices are used these days with insights on how things might develop in the future.

Those who are connected are using an average of five different devices to access the internet each week. PCs and laptops are still the most used device for accessing the internet, however, use of smartphones is growing fast with 30% now using a smartphone to access the internet.

Despite the hype, tablets (including iPads) are currently only used by 5% of the British adult population in a week. Indeed, people spend marginally more time online using games consoles. Take-up of internet-enabled (Connected) TV sets is also still relatively small with only 3% of adults using them.