Loading Qualitative 2.0: Speed dating with consumers

Anupama Wagh-Koppar
L'Oréal, India
Vartika Hali and Vishal Sampat
FireFly, India


"And plenty makes us poor." John Dryden

India has witnessed a mix of phenomena in the past decade. These changes have impacted Indian attitudes and behavior on multiple fronts.

Technology – India has more wireless subscriptions (94.1%) than landline connections (6%). We have leapfrogged in our communication. Penetration of mobile telephony has cut into even rural areas, where copper wires never got installed.

Retail – Hitherto, a traditional retail (mom-and-pop stores) market the landscape has changed drastically, with modern trade changing consumer dynamics. Organized retail penetration is expected to touch 16% by 2012, compared to a 5.6 % in 2007.