Channel 4: UK tribes

Channel 4 Television and Crowd DNA


UK Tribes is Channel 4's long standing research into 16-24 year olds, which segments young people into a Tribe based on cultural and lifestyle preferences. Each Tribe is identified using a gang type name (Emo, Chav etc) and the approach used offers a unique way to understand the complexities of an ever evolving audience. The project has been live for 8 years and various different methodologies have led to Tribes Live, our online insight community comprising 25 different Tribes representing UK youth.

The community was recruited in a highly innovative way; a Find your Tribe game was created which over 31,000 people have played. At the end of the game users are offered a chance to join our community and because all respondents are Channel 4 registered users we've recruited a highly engaged panel who are not found on traditional access panels.

Tribes Live offers real time research; weekly questions are put to hundreds of 16-24 year olds who have been segmented into a Tribe. So far we have asked questions to the Tribes for dozens of agencies and advertisers. The results are published on our website.