Education, negotiation and the future of consumer privacy

Lena Roland

The marketing industry must be more transparent and endeavour to educate consumers about how and why their data is being used. This was the dominant theme at the Powering Trust Roadshow, an event organised by TRUSTe, the data management company, and held in London in October 2013.

With increased customer awareness and rising concern about the ways in which personal information is being utilised by marketers, brands will need to proceed with caution in this area, or risk facing a consumer backlash.

TIMEChris Babel, TRUSTe's chief executive, explained that the heightened popular interest in this matter is largely due to the extensive press coverage it has received. To illustrate the point, Babel highlighted the 2011 cover feature of Time magazine, and a more recent Wall Street Journal investigation, headlined "Your Apps are Watching You", which found that several iPhone and Android apps were breaching the privacy of smartphone users.