Art Fund: Never without art

Principal author: Laurence Green, 101
Contributing author: Luke Tipping, 101


The Art Fund is a small but precious British charity that funds the acquisition of art for the enjoyment of future generations.

By relaunching its member benefits in the guise of the National Art Pass, communications drove a 16% surge in memberships (its fastest growth in 20 years) and recruited a new generation of members (on average 21 years younger than existing members).

Even our most conservative estimates of payback suggest our campaign will crystallise £5.5 million of incremental revenue for the charity against a media investment of £745,000: a revenue return of £4.70 per £1 spent.


This is an unusual effectiveness paper, especially for a small budget marketer. It describes a moment of marketing-inspired reinvention and a radically re-imagined comms campaign that have delivered a short term 'sales' surge for the charity in question and established not just a new long term platform for it to trade from but also a new level of base sales.