Axe: Anarchy, for him and for her

Tim Jones, Dan Hauck and Shadi-Sade Sarreshtehdarzadeh


Most planning endeavors (and APG papers) start off looking for an effective and creative way to sell a product or service. Most planning starts after the real strategy has been done. In a world where a brand's most influential touch point can be the product itself, we need ideas that are built-in from the beginning.

This is the story of how a brand targeted at guys marketed its annual new variant by launching a variant for girls. Only by going upstream were we able to arrive at such a unique and, as it transpired, successful solution.

Forever young

AXE (Lynx in the UK) is the world's leading male deodorant body spray, famous for giving guys the edge with girls. This promise of confidence and seduction is underpinned by great fragrances and a compelling brand idea: The AXE Effect.

AXE is tightly targeted at guys making the transition from boyhood to manhood. To grow, AXE must recruit new guys to replace the ones that graduate from the brand. A key strategy for recruitment is to launch a completely new fragrance, packaging and communications campaign annually. New variants exist to give each cohort a product to call their own.