How Google sees the future for marketers

Geoffrey Precourt

There are moments when it's comforting to know that the most powerful and gifted executives of the digital marketing universe play at the same level and on the same field as the rest of mankind. When Susan Wojcicki, SVP, Product, AdWords and AdSense, at Google - and one of that enterprise's earliest leaders - needed to pull together a speech for the 2013 Leadership Conference of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), she didn't push a magic button that would float a seamless keyboard in front of a transparent, three-dimensional screen.

No, she simply went to the local Starbucks, plugged into the free Wi-Fi … and started thinking. "And they began making offers to me," she told the 850-plus attendees at the IAB's sixth-annual leadership assembly. "They were offering $5 off a pound of coffee. It seemed like a pretty good deal. So, I bought the coffee."