Cesvi – Cesvi’s recipe to feed the world

Agency name: Rapp
Client name: Cesvi
Category: Cause or Charity/Non-profit Marketing


Famine in Uganda has become endemic in the last years, but the general public attention has been mostly attracted by the many emergencies that occurred around the world. Cesvi’s long term, less visible commitment needed to find an effective way to raise funds in such a competitive environment.


Cesvi is more famous in Italy for big campaigns against dramatic social issues as AIDS, Malaria, abandoned child, than for the fight against hunger. Also because UNICEF is the leader in that field, distributing food and primary goods to those in the need. Cesvi has always worked on making populations independent from the others so they prefer to not bring food but teach how to cultivate it. This approach is less visible so needs a more familiar way to be communicated, closer to the Italian family culture.