PepsiCo's shopper marketing insights from Latin America

Jo Bowman

Mom-and-pop shops, the small stores dotted throughout Latin America, are crowded, chaotic and full of people spending modest amounts of money. Most marketers rule out on-the-ground activity at this level because it is too difficult to execute at scale, and too cluttered an environment in which to make a significant impact.

But Alex Liebler, PepsiCo's director of trade and shopper marketing for beverages in Latin America, reported that this need not be the case. Speaking at The International Shopper Insights in Action Event in Prague, she said the company's experience over the past year had shown there were rewards to be had in terms of both increased sales and improved brand metrics if the right message and point-of-sale materials were introduced.

Despite the worldwide shift towards organised retail, the traffic through small stores is still immense, and highly valuable. "Seventy percent of shopper outlets globally are small mom-and-pop stores; they're very profitable," Liebler said. People being paid in cash weekly, or even daily, make frequent trips to these outlets, buying one day ahead or simply what they need to prepare a single meal at a time.