Ehrenberg's View of Advertising

Byron Sharp

Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science

In 1961, the very first volume of the Journal of Advertising Research (JAR) featured an article written by Andrew Ehrenberg, a young researcher from a commercial market research agency. It is to the credit of the JAR to publish an article that was written by a British practitioner and featured U.K. data—this was long before other U.S. marketing journals decided to try to embrace an international outlook. Every decade thereafter, JAR featured articles by Andrew Ehrenberg and his collaborators: 20 articles spanning 1961 to 2002.

Andrew Ehrenberg would go on to become professor of marketing and communication at London Business School and, later, London South Bank University. He published more than 300 scholarly articles in many journals, including the prestigious science journal Nature. It is JAR (and perhaps also Admap) readers, however, who can best claim to have an appreciation of the breadth of Ehrenberg’s work and his impact. In the pages of this journal, his work included papers on advertising, of course, but also on pricing, marketing metrics, the need for scientific laws, new products, data analysis, modeling, and the communication of data.