Newspaper Promotions: the Good, the Bad, the Profitable

Chris Reed
SP Partnerships

Everyone does promotions and everyone loves them, right?

Well no! Not everyone does them and not everyone who does do them loves them. Promotions are one of those subjects where if there were two people in a room there would be three opinions.

They are notoriously hard to measure, very hard to implement on a long-term basis, but like drugs are extremely expensive and very addictive.

Promotions have been done in newspapers since the 1930s, when newspapers gave away free Bibles and encyclopaedia sets. The common theme in those days was all about self-improvement and self-worth.

Today, people are still giving away books and encyclopaedias but they tend to be secondary to compact discs (CDs) and digital video disks (DVDs). This is due to the desire for massive sales spikes and trying to halt the ongoing decline of newspaper sales.