Qwest: Starting a conversation without uttering a word



QWEST ENTERPRISE NEEDED TO POSITION ITSELF AWAY FROM VERIZON AND AT&T, WHO WERE SPENDING MILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN THE MARKETPLACE at a pace with which we just could not compete. We determined that these national providers were targeting the deep-pocketed large businesses while the smaller midsize businesses were falling through the cracks. Unlike the larger companies, where IT professionals were making technology decisions, we learned that the owners and managers at midsize companies were largely making these decisions.

OUR INSIGHT WAS THAT THIS TARGET RELIES HEAVILY ON THEIR COMMUNITY OF LIKE-SIZED-BUSINESS OWNERS FOR THE INFORMATION AND ADVICE NECESSARY TO MAKE BUSINESS DECISIONS OF ALL KINDS, INCLUDING TECHNOLOGY. The solution was not to pitch products and services to tech-savvy purchasers, but rather to insinuate the brand into business conversations among owners and managers. So we invented a first-of-its-kind program by creating a new social ad platform, bringing together two media partners that had never collaborated before.

Background and Business Challenge