My Favorite Campaign? New England Life's Of Course, Why?

Fred Irwin

Two Years ago about this time of year we received a telephone call from Lee Barrett, Director of Advertising for New England Life. He said that he was considering changing agencies and asked if we would be interested in talking with him.

We were.

Ten days later New England Life appointed Geer, DuBois as their new advertising agency.

The easy part of the job was over. We had the account. Now we had to produce a campaign as exciting as what we had presented. What we presented, by the way, were the campaigns we had done for our other clients.

New England Life is the twelfth largest life insurance company in the United States. It lives in conservative Boston. Its annual sales are in tile billions of dollars. These sales are largely made to clientele whose demographics are horribly imposing. I could bore you , with a detailed profile I suppose, but this market is referred to as the carriage trade, in Boston, and I hope you'll accept that description.