52nd Annual GRAMMY Awards/The Recording Academy – How We Took the GRANNY Out of GRAMMYs

Category: Entertainment/Sporting Events
Brand/Client: 52nd Annual GRAMMY Awards/The Recording Academy
Primary Agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day Los Angeles
Contributing Agency: Visible Technologies


"Dead," "declining," "obsolete," "out of touch" – all descriptors of the music industry and our client, The Recording Academy's 52nd Annual GRAMMY Awards. Although all creative briefings are meant to inspire, we felt it was important to take off the rose-tinted glasses our clients (and, to some degree, our team) had worn for several years.

  1. The general consensus was that the music industry was dying. The music industry as a whole has been taking a beating. Declining sales, questionable quality of music (thank you, Auto-Tuner), an outdated artist contract and compensation model, rampant digital pirating, and the fact that 60 percent of music business jobs have already been lost ("What's Wrong With Music Biz", Wired.com, Eliot Van Buskirk, 7/9/10). Not to mention even indie-rock god Thom Yorke of Radiohead declared it will be "…only a matter of time — months rather than years — before the music business establishment completely folds" in a 2009 interview for a new high school textbook. Awesome.