How mobile is transforming Asian travel marketing

Low Lai Chow

Japan Airlines' introduction of not one, but ten mobile apps was an attempt to create excellent customer service throughout its customers' path to purchase, from booking and purchasing to shopping and boarding the plane. The apps catered to flight passengers at various touchpoints, from pre-flight to inflight, and included a schedule app, a booking app, a countdown app, an APO navigation app and a coupon app.

Its VP for web sales, Tomohiro Nishihata, told the Web In Travel Conference 2012 in Singapore that using mobile apps to access Japan Airlines' services offers consumer benefits such as convenience and efficiency. According to him, Japan Airlines' annual domestic passenger revenue is US$6.2 billion, or 500 billion yen, of which 50% comes from web sales. International passenger revenue is US$5 billion (400 billion yen), of which more than 20% is generated via web sales.