Mazda 6 - 'Soul of a Sports Car'

Brand Name:  Mazda 
Client Name:
Mazda Motor Europe
Agency Name:  J. Walter Thompson GmbH & Co. KG
Category for this Entry: Automotive


The launch of the new Mazda6 in the all-important 'family' segment was much more than just the launch of the new car. The Mazda6 'Soul of a Sports Car' campaign was used to 'place a stake in the ground' and re-launch the Mazda brand as the brand which 'puts a little bit of sports car in everything we do'. It built awareness and consideration of a 'new' Mazda that brings 'Zoom-Zoom' promising drivers the thrill of motion they first discovered as a child-not just in a roadster, but in any kind of car. The campaign proved a big success, increasing the model's segment share by 4%, giving the Mazda6 the highest share amongst Japanese makes. The campaign also significantly improved perceptions of both the Mazda6 and the Mazda brand in general.