Makro Cash & Carry: Bingo Royal

Proximity BBDO

Entry Information

Category: Retail/Direct Sales
Country where program ran: Belgium
Date program started/ended: 17 December 2010 / 27 December 2010

Product Description: Makro Cash & Carry is a retail chain in Belgium.

Advertiser/Client Name: Makro Cash & Carry Belgium
Media Channels:


Marketplace challenge:

It is extremely difficult to stand out during the Christmas period in order to get noticed because of all the campaigns, discounts, coupons etc at that time. We asked ourselves how we could produce an attractive e-card for Makro without resorting to clichéd jingles and the usual images of Santa.

Target audience: Consumer

Makro has 1.5 million active customers in Belgium. So this is our main target audience, but in fact every Belgian could be interested to see the funny activity of Makro.