Lowdown: What's new in 2013

Nadya Powell

The marketers' toolkit these days is complex. It's not just about understanding TV, digital or even social, there are also dual screening apps and crowd-funding sites to navigate. So what tools and services should marketers get familiar with and try out in 2013?

First is the plethora of crowd-sourcing services out there. Zoopa is a great example; it curates a community of creative types you can tap into to make your next UGC content, or even professional advertising. Samsung used Zoopa to find 20 networked bloggers to create the content behind the Global Blogger Olympic campaign. Also in this space is Scoopshot, a photographic community originally used by media owners to provide front-page photos and, increasingly by marketers, to provide content for social platforms and even advertising shots.

Next, real-time data tools. These enable you to target your online advertising to niche audiences using sophisticated algorithms. This is the world of Big Data through the lens of digital advertising. Quantcast is one of many players in this space that seeks to understand your existing audience's profile, match this profile against prospects and then deliver, hopefully, better conversion. Similar to this is Facebook's Custom Audience tool. The future? Perceptive media. These use eye-tracking technology to monitor which ads you respond to, (eyes widening, concentration lapses), and target ads accordingly. Big data is watching you.