Raymond James: Life Well Planned campaign

Category: Financial Products & Services
Brand/Client: Raymond James Financial
Lead Agency: Martin Williams

Strategic Challenge

In order to grow, Raymond James must be a top-of-mind option among potential clients, quickly ushering them to a face-to-face meeting with a Raymond James advisor. They must also satisfy their very independent network of affiliated financial experts.

These are daunting times for a financial services company to try to do these things. Many firms have collapsed and created unfathomable dents in the global economy, they've been accused of victimizing desperate homeowners, and they have inspired a growing revolutionary sentiment. Trust for financial brands is at an all-time low, and the dust hasn't even begun to settle.

But while most financial service companies would like to forget the past few years, you're about to learn how Raymond James found a way to achieve their objectives and more. Through a smart and conservative financial management approach and by embracing and communicating an unlikely story of the benefits of practical values, Raymond James has been able to steer clear of the rash of negative publicity that continues to plague many financial institutions.