OgilvyOne Viewpoint #11 - Moto gets into the groove

Chris Reitermann

How could Motorola get its mojo back? By successfully capturing the attention and imagination of China's youth through the unifying force of music.

MOTOROLA HAS A LONG and successful history in China, having been one of the earliest multinational companies to enter the market. As it often goes with longtime market leaders, especially in categories like handsets, which are increasingly fashion- and trend-driven, there is a risk of falling out of grace with consumers.

This story tells how Motorola found a way to succeed in an extremely competitive category with very distinctive market dynamics. And also how it found its groove.

In China, iTunes doesn't exist, the iPod has a tiny market share and music in general is mostly downloaded illegally. Over 35 percent of Chinese consumers actually listen to music on their mobile phones, while this number is only six percent in the U.S. Launching handsets with music capabilities, therefore, was a key strategic imperative. However, in order to really lock in consumers and provide a true mobile music experience, more was needed than just handsets that play music.