Sustainability, higher margin opportunities & economic crises – Lessons from the global study of premium products

Marco Bevolo and Alex Gofman
Philips Design, The Netherlands

Howard Moskowitz
Moskowitz Jacobs Inc., United States

I see sustainability as a pyramid ranging from required compliances to potential opportunities, for companies and brands. At the bottom level, you have the need to ensure legal compliance to the law in the countries where you operate. This is pure risk management, a basic necessity and a hygiene factor indeed… At a higher level, I see sustainability issues as an opportunity to ensure reputation management… The most appealing level of sustainability is “leadership”. Leadership is always excellent to build strong brands, and maintain their equity. I see these three levels of sustainability as a portfolio of options for companies and brands, and I think such portfolio needs to be managed pragmatically and contextually”. Rita Clifton, Chairman, Interbrand, London