The incalculable benefit of not going backwards

Jeremy Bullmore

Jeremy Bullmore argues that reinforcing existing attitudes may provide the greatest return on communication investment, despite being the most difficult to measure

LET’S INVENT a market: an established, low-tech, low-cost, repeat-purchase market. Let's call it the greeby market.

Greebies are used in more than 80% of households and are bought, on average, every three weeks. There are five competing national greeby brands, with market shares ranging from 36% to 9%. Most big retailers have their own-brand greebies. By volume, the total greeby market has been almost static for the past ten years.

Every year, the five companies making greebies draw up their marketing plans and hold sales conferences. Every one of those companies allocates significant marketing funds and sets its annual marketing objectives. And every one of those objectives is set in terms of some measurable market gain: more sales, more share or more both. In 2012, most of their conferences will be called Going for Gold!