Bag stories: What do bags say about women?

Greet Sterenberg and Wendy Hesseling
WeJane, Netherlands

Ute Rademacher
Colibri Research, Germany


Our aim was to find out whether the handbag, being the ultimate feminine accessory, could be used as a tool for getting intimate with consumers – female consumers. We talked with women about the content of their bag, and so did our partners, from Shanghai to Stockholm. We have collected more than 150 bag stories from 17 cities around the world. This paper will give you an international perspective on a universal female bond (me and my bag). We learned that a handbag is not only an object of love and frustration, but also an artifact that allows you to dig deeper in the functional and emotional needs of women – sometimes plain and ordinary, sometimes touching and hilarious, but always real and fascinating. (see Figure 1.)