Marketers Need to Get Out and Get Under Their Business Models

Tim Ambler
London Business School

After a false start when dotcom success was measured by the cash burn rate, reality has resumed and genuine web marketing success stories are starting to roll in.

Google, for example, is brilliant. It will advise you on the most productive keywords for your business, and tell you how many clicks to expect and the conversion rates. Three days later your ad can be up and running. Three hours from then, Google can say how successful it is.

On a smaller scale, Commedia, a small German firm with around 100 employees, persuaded about 5,000 surfers to download music and then used viral marketing to generate 100,000 licences for that music. A 20x amplification is music in the cash box.


My theme is not a sudden conversion to e-marketing but a salute to those who are doing old things in new ways. The accent here is on the word 'doing'.