Socialise the selfie

Elena Klau
Momentum Worldwide

Social media allows people to promote themselves instantly, resulting in the rise of the 'Brand of Me', and brands can exploit this by offering a platform for self-promotion and engagement with like-minded people

Shakespeare knew that "all the men and women [are] players," but he never could have imagined our digital world where each would have his or her very own stage that could fit inside a pocket or purse. The rise of social media has created a venue for individuals to be the protagonists in their own plays, broadcast to hundreds or even thousands of audience members. And as any good actor would, many try to promote the most desirable image of themselves. As a result, reality and fantasy begin to blur as individuals strive to create an online image of themselves that can compete with those of the celebrities they worship. This thirst for self-promotion – this amplified version of long-standing desires and behaviours we've always had – creates a number of new marketing challenges for marketers. And therein, opportunity.