Kids can do BIG things

Agency OMD Fuse Melbourne
Advertiser Fonterra Brands Australia
Author Sharon Cookson
Total Campaign Expenditure $500 - $1 million


CalciYum is a flavoured milk aimed at Mums and their kids aged 5-12. Whilst it operates within the flavoured milk category, it's competitors are considered only those that are in the repertoire of our target audiences – Mums and their kids aged 5-12. When referring to the flavoured milk category, we have limited the reference (and all data) in this document only to those products that are relevant and compete with CalciYum (ie. Does not include the many Milk Coffee and similar products included in the wider category). Competitors include Big M, Moove, Paul's Breaka, Up & Go, Supa Shake and Brownes Chill.

The wider flavoured milk category is worth $1.1Bi retail. The segment within which we compete is highly competitive with relatively low levels of loyalty (4%), whilst the majority (54%) is made up of repertoire drinkers, choosing amongst several brands depending on the most convenient location at purchase time. 42% of people purchase on price.ii