Integrating Internet Site Audience Measurement Into Media Planning And Buying

A unified method for reach/frequency

James H. Collins
Senior Vice President, Information Technology, Scarborough Research, United States.
Manish Bhatia
Senior Vice President, Interactive Services, Nielsen Media Research, United States.


The evolution of the Internet as a medium in which advertisers want a presence is proceeding apace. In an effort to assess the sizes and characteristics of Internet site audiences numerous measurement methodologies have emerged (e.g., site, server and user centric). Each strategy possesses distinct advantages (and disadvantages) and all are finding places in the media planning and buying processes.

Depending on the particular measurement mode, unique and cumulative audience and gross impression estimates are available for the media planner and buyer in developing informed Internet advertising campaigns. Regrettably, although these different measures of audience are important to media planning and buying, they are not wholly satisfying. In fact these audience measures may increasingly become less satisfactory as the demand for the inclusion of the Internet in substantial multi-media advertising campaigns increases.