How netnography can be used to unlock the full potential of crowdsourcing contests: The case of the Mondelez chocolate lovers contest

Gregor Jawecki, Johannes Gebauer and Susanne Mathis-Alig


In recent years the efficient execution of market research projects is challenged by the decreasing interest of consumers to participate in such initiatives. For instance, the response rate in telephone interviews has fallen from 36% in 1997 to 9% in 2012 (Isaacson 2012). Similarly survey response rates are declining both in the United States and in Europe (Anseel et al, 2010; Fan and Yan 2010). Today it has not only become more difficult to contact people who are more and more mobile, but also an increasing number of individuals simply refuse to participate in market research initiatives. Arguably one reason for this development is the changing lifestyle of today's consumers. In the light of a myriad of social media platforms, being "online" and connected to peers almost 24/7 and an overwhelming amount of digital content, nowadays just being part of a market research project hardly catches individual's enthusiasm. The question is how to engage with consumers in smarter and more active ways which also match their digital lifestyles.